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Time, Light, Safety, Climate.

Timeguard’s Energy Saving Products are designed at Reducing the amount of the energy you use is one of the fastest, most effective ways to save money and it will also help you combat climate change by reducing your carbon footprint.

All of the products on this website are backed by our 3 or 5 year guarantees and meet relevant UK (BSI) and European (EN) standards. Our designers place emphasis on ease of installation and configuration for installers and ease of use for end users. A range of OEM control modules are also available.

We provide detailed product specifications within the website. In addition, technical advice and support are freely available from our Technical Services team – call us whenever you need and talk to someone who understands the products in depth.

We believe that one of the best ways to minimise energy consumption is to switch off appliances, lighting and HVAC equipment when not required. This puts you in control.

We offer ranges of timeswitches – DIN rail, hard wired and plug-in where you can choose from programmable timing, solar control, delay switching or PIR. Our PIR detectors range from the ‘workhorse’ sensors to highly sensitive high specification presence detectors for zoned control of open spaces.

Outdoors we offer switches and sockets with safe IP66 enclosures and our new Weathersafe Vision range gives a clear view of power status.

As said, it all comes down to control, and that, of course, is what out product ranges are designed to do.

KNX-The world’s only approved open standard for home and building control.

Timeguard’s parent company, Theben A.G. offers a wide range of innovative KNX (formally EIB) products. KNX is approved to IEC14543, CEN EN 13321 and CENELEC EN50090. KNX is an open standard with many manufacturers, intergrators and installers supplying the home and building automation market. Theben KNX product has been installed at many UK locations including the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. KNX offers a wide range of products designed to give control, comfort and energy efficiency to any home or building in areas such as lighting, heating and much more. For full details please request the new Theben KNX catalogue or visit the Theben website on Please also visit for more details of the UK KNX organisation.

Quality & Service

Andy Douglas

Our North London factory and facilities are approved to ISO9001:2000 standard, and as part of the Theben A.G. group of companies, we have the backing of one of Europe’s leading electrical controls designers and manufacturers. Timeguard offers excellent quality throughout its product range, with either 3 or 5 year guarantees, and naturally, they all meet relevant UK (BSI) and European (EN) standards, including EMC compliance.

With EDI trading technology and advanced supply chain management well practiced now for many years, we are able to offer excellent service to both National Retail and Electrical Wholesale outlets as well as a network of independent customers throughout the U.K.

Please take a look through our new website. We hope you will like the new ideas and new innovations. Please also take the opportunity to try these products as well as those from our more established ranges in the future.

Andy Douglas
Managing Director



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